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  • Fault symptoms Table of symptoms; Indicator and warning lamps, noise in climate control system, odor in the passenger compartment Table of symptoms; Problems with climate control system, Problems with communication with the car, air conditioning (A/C) problems All values contained below are between the terminal in column 1 (Terminal) and terminal A23 (ground), unless otherwise indicated in column 4 (Other) . The ECC control module connector # A1-30 corresponds to the breakout box terminals # 1-30. NOTE! The blower fan should be on, or the engine running at idle, in order for the control module to activate the damper motors when the selectors are turned. NOTE! It is important to
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  • This Borla Performance Cat-Back. Exhaust System (Part number 140142) has been designed for 2004 Audi TT equipped with a 3.2L V-6 engine, all-wheel drive and automatic or manual transmissions. Borla Performance Industries recommends that an exhaust shop or professional after market parts installer, who has all the necessary equipment, tools and experienced personnel needed for proper installation, should perform the installation of this system. However, if you decide to perform the installation, we recommend someone should help you. Ensure the installer uses all under car safety precautions including eye protection. Please take time to read and understand the following. By installing your Borla
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  • Throughout this manual, reference the SD| Greed card will be made to encompassed the Bluefish444 SD product range supported in the manual. SD| Greed SD| Greed is the latest PCI 32 bit, dedicated SD digital and analog video and audio card from Bluefish444. SD| Greed brings the highest quality SD video and audio to Windows, Apple and Linux platforms. SD| Greed is a combination of all our SD products and the needs of the professional studios all rolled in to one PCI card. SD| Greed supports 12 bit digital SDI I/O, capable of supporting the complete range of SDI connection standards up to