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  • The mobile phone that just begs to be touched While expecting the phones codenamed Sophia and Maria to be released by Sony Ericsson, the mobile phone company surprisingly released something completely different. The W660, the manufacturer’s newest addition to the Walkman line comes with a pretty stylish design and a nice set of features, so one can’t really complain to see it released. According to the Sony Ericsson, it was designed to place an emphasis on style and feel and comes with ‘a tactile finish that just begs to be touched’. ‘The W660 has a finish that stands out among its
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  • You can use your i930 Smartphone as an external modem for data transfer to and from your computer by using the i930 Sync Cradle and mini USB cable or by using an infrared connection. For instructions on how to connect your i930 to your computer, or to use your i930 as a GPRS modem, refer to the “i930 User’s Guide” on the companion CD that came with your phone. You can use your i930 Smartphone to transfer data only when it is not in a call. If your Smartphone is in a Walkie-Talkie call when you set up a data
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  • This report documents a manufacturing cost analysis performed on the Epson Stylus C60 inkjet printer. The data in this report was developed from analysis of a new unit received from a national distributor. The unit was unpacked, setup, and tested according to its enclosed documentation. After testing, the C60 was disassembled to a level that enabled each part to be identified and documented in a parts cost breakdown estimate report. The parts cost breakdown report has been arranged to emulate an engineering drawing structure. It documents the estimated product cost from the individual components and sub-assemblies to the finished printer.
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  • The Cisco IP Phone 7910 Series telephone is a full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over an IP network. The main features of the phone are illustrated in Figure 1-1 and explained in Table 1-1. Feature Description Handset Lift the handset and press the dial pad numbers to place a call, review voice mail messages, answer a call, and so on. LCD screen The IP Phone “desktop” which displays the time, date, your phone number, caller ID, and line or call status. Line button Open a new line to make or receive a call, or end the current call. See the “Making Telephone Calls” section on page
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  • Audi R8 Quick reference guidePage 2 The central locking system locks and unlocks both doors. The central locking system can be operated via the remote control or by turning the key in the lock. Remote control keys Unlocking button: Open one of the doors within about 30 seconds, otherwise the vehicle will lock itself again automatically. Unlocking button for luggage lid: Press the button for at least 1 second. Locking button: The turn signals flash once to confirm that the doors and luggage lid are properly locked. Folding out the key: Press the button. Folding in the key: Press the button and fold in the key. Press and hold