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  • Volkswagen Jetta & Golf (1994-99) Installation Instructions PDF
  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS VOLKSWAGEN JETTA & GOLF (1994-99) VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO (1998-99) (Old body style only) PART NUMBER: VW-50-94 Pro.Fit logo and part number will be right side up and readable when installed. TOOLS REQUIRED: Hook tool, #1 Phillips screwdriver. PARTS INCLUDED: Pro.Fit VSMTM, instructions. LOCATION: To the right of the climate control. STEP 1. Begin by removing the bezel that surrounds the climate control switches. To do this, insert the hook tool between the dash pad and the bezel in the upper right corner of the bezel. Make sure the hook tool is hooked behind the bezel and pull toward you releasing one (1) clip. Perform this
  • Nokia E62 BlackBerry Connect for S60 3.0 User Guide
  • What is BlackBerry Connect? Installing BlackBerry on your device Before you install BlackBerry Acquiring and installing BlackBerry Activating BlackBerry on your device Setting up with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Before you set up Setting up with a server account Configuring your server account Creating a signature Creating filters Creating an encryption key Setting advanced options Specifying the email address Using an email profile Receiving emails from additional folders Saving sent emails Setting up BlackBerry Internet Service Configuring BlackBerry on your device Activating BlackBerry Specifying how email is retrieved Scheduling BlackBerry service Specifying service while roaming Confirming email deletions Setting up wireless
  • Touchstone WTM552 Telephony Modem User’s Guide
  • The Touchstone WTM552 Telephony Modem is DOCSIS or Euro-DOCSIS compliant with the following features: • Speed: much faster than dialup or ISDN service • Convenience: supports Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless connections; both can be used simultaneously • Flexibility: provides two independent lines of telephone service as well as high speed data • Compatibility: supports tiered data services (if offered by your cable company) All WTM552 models provide: • Wireless 802.11b/g connectivity • Four Ethernet ports for connections to non-wireless devices • Up to two lines of telephone service Your WTM552 model is one of the following: • WTM552A: DOCSIS compliant • WTM552B: Euro-DOCSIS compliant • WTM552G: DOCSIS compliant with Li-Ion backup battery •
  • Motorola W510 User Guide
  • Introducing your new Motorola W510 GSM wireless phone. Here’sa quick anatomy lesson. To change your home screen shortcuts and your main menu appearance, … To know more about this Motorola W510 user manual, you can get it below Get Motorola W510 User Guide
  • Samsung U600 Nothing compares to U
  • The LG Prada phone is another beauty with touch-sensitive controls. However, while its slim profile makes it a pleasure to pocket, we do have issues with the ergonomics. Our first niggle concerns the touch-sensitive keys. There are four on the U600 - two soft keys and the call accept and reject keys - and, frankly, they are a bit of a pain to use. Touch-sensitive keys are an acquired taste, but the design trait has been embraced by Korean manufacturers like Samsung and LG, as well as by Apple for its iPhone. The touch-keys on the Samsung U600 work just as