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  • CIS to EFI conversion kit for the Porsche 911 Installation Guide
  • Installation of this kit should be a fun project, but can turn ugly if working in an unsafe environment. With permission, the following section has been copied from the “Safety Precautions” section of the MegaManual and should be followed. In the shop, you need to: • Ensure children and animals are kept well away from the working area for the entire duration of the work, including periods where the vehicle is unattended. • Allow the presence only of persons who are trained, professional mechanics, or those who have read, understood, and agreed to follow all of the safety precautions applicable to your vehicle,
  • Introduction. 1.1 Service & Parts Manual Introduction. 1.2 Air Locker Functional Description ….. 5.13 Land Rover Salisbury Housing Modification.. For the detail content of this Air Locker Service manual, just download the PDF book below. Download
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  • This case comes with the unique Antec dual power supply system, NeoLink™. Consisting of two power supply units –the NeoLink™ 650P and the NeoLink™ 550S – the NeoLink™ system has an output 1,200 watts. You will need to connect the NeoLink™ 650P to your motherboard and graphic card(s), and the NeoLink™ 550S to your peripheral drives and accessories such as fans or system monitoring/control devices. Both power supplies come with an on/off switch. Please be sure to turn both power switches to the ON (I) position before you boot up your computer for the first time – your computer will
  • Auxiliary Audio Input for 2005+ Chrysler Vehicles Installation Manual
  • Chrysler Auxiliary Audio Input. Ac es ory … Refer to vehicle’s repair manual for location and removal of the Satellite receiver. or VES plug. … Detail content for this Auxiliary Audio Input for 2005+ Chrysler Vehicles Installation Manual: Auxiliary Audio Input for 2005+ Chrysler Vehicles If vehicle has Factory Satellite and Video Entertainment System (VES), either one must be disconnected in order for the CHYX to work properly. If vehicle has factory single disc radio and satellite, the satellite receiver must be disconnected. Chrysler Auxiliary Audio InputAccessoryOnLeftRightAux1Aux2Red = Accessory outputLeftRight2005-2006Vehicles withCAN Bus10 pin22 pinAuxiliary audio inputsAccessory Output+12volts 1amp max.Purple, Black, Green (VES input)White,
  • LG 2g Total Unlock Clip guide pdf
  • LG 2g Total Unlock Clip LG Unlock Guide Operations Manual V1.20 2nd February 2007 LG 2g GSM phones are grouped into 3 separate groups for unlocking Each Group as it’s own mode or stage on the clip Each Stage is indicated by a slow alternating pattern between LEDs 1 & 2 A change between modes or stages is indicated by a Fast Rapid Alternating pattern between LEDs 1 & 2, then a pause. Operating Instructions 1. Connect phone powered off 2. Add power to clip 3. Wait for correct Stage/Mode, then press “power” button on phone 4. Keep phone power button held until 2 solid LEDs on clip. 5. A