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  • K&L SCAN 727 SCANNER SHOP EQUIPMENT & TOOLS This K&L Diagnostic Scanner tool allows the independent service technician to retrieve troubleshooting codes along with detailed information from the bikes ECM unit. This tool features four menu screens–diagnostic scanner, oscilloscope multimeter, and an Ignition waveform analyzer. The screen also displays current and historical data, along with graphs and snapshot recordings that can be downloaded to a printer. Once the service technician has fixed the trouble codes, these codes can be cleared. This kit can be used with one of two programmed cartridges. One cartridge is for bikes with a fuel injection
  • Scalable Network Programming
  • How do you write a fast network server? How do you write a network server that can handle 10000 clients? What bottlenecks are there and how do you avoid them? I do security consulting for a living (my company is called Code Blau). I am particularly interested in small and high performance code. Besides writing web servers, I also wrote an ftp server, a very fast LDAP server(read-only so far, I’m waiting for someone to pay me to complete it), and the smallest Unix libc (which I also used to compile and run all the programs mentioned in this talk). I’m
  • Power of one Sony Ericsson P1i pdf
  • Touch the task manager icon in the top left-hand corner and this will tell you what programmes are running, but the P1i could seemingly handle over 10 without losing its thread. We were informed by Sony Ericsson at the P1i launch that a QWERTY keyboard is the preferred text input method for Europeans, while the Japanese favour touch-screen methods. Either way, the P1i covers all bases with the dual-function QWERTY, a virtual on-screen keyboard and, if you have the patience and skill to learn, handwriting recognition. The dualfunction QWERTY keyboard assigns two letters to one key, relying on a rocker switch
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  • Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson. Z550. In addition to the pre-installed Z550 multimedia. content, you have more waiting for you at.. Download pdf Sony Ericsson Z550 User Guide
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  • GPRS Sony Ericsson Z610. ?. Menu ? Settings ? Conectivity. ?. Data comm ? Data accounts … 3G Sony Ericsson Z610. ?. MAKE a VIDEO CALL … Download GPRS Sony Ericsson Z610 MMS Sony Ericsson Z610