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  • Motorola V3x Keypad Mod pdf
  • Motorola V3x Keypad Mod Things Needed: V3x, any colour will do. T6 Screwdriver Post It Note (I chose yellow but that was all I had) The bottle to open your phone. Step one: Remove battery cover, battery and speaker cover to expose 6 T6 screws.Motorola V3x Keypad Mod Step 2: Carefully unclip the black plastic thing that had the screws in. There is a connector on the underside of the Micro SD slot so be a little careful there…. Download Motorola V3x Keypad Mod pdf
  • Modem Sharing mini−HOWTO
  • It is assumed that the server is a Linux system with either: a modem attached to a /dev/ttySx device • an 'isdn4linux'−emulated modem mapped to a /dev/ttyIx device • The easiest setup I can think of uses a five lines perl script to implement a modem daemon in /usr/sbin/modemd: #!/usr/bin/perl select((select(STDOUT), $| = 1)[$[]); select((select(STDIN), $| = 1)[$[]); exec 'cu −s 115200 −l /dev/ttyS1'; die '$0: Cant exec cu: $!n'; The modem daemon is started by the inetd process if a client connects to the appropriate port as described below. The modemd simply connects the socket handle with STDIN and STDOUT of the cu command and lets cu handle
  • Daimler Chrysler FUEL REQUIREMENTS (DIESEL ENGINES) Use good quality diesel fuel from a reputable supplier in your Dodge truck. For most year-round service, No. 2 diesel fuel meeting ASTM (see chart below) specification D-975 will provide good performance. If the vehicle is exposed to extreme cold (below 20°F or -7°C), or is required to operate at colder-than-normal conditions for prolonged periods, use climatized No. 2 diesel fuel or dilute the No. 2 diesel fuel with 50% No. 1 (see chart below) diesel fuel. This will provide better protection from fuel gelling or wax-plugging of the fuel filters. NOTE: A maximum blend
  • Nokia 6300 Features
  • Nokia E50. The 6300’s Eseries colleague has more business sense and a corporate look, with a Symbian Series 60 OS and support for push-email solutions. Friendly phone It may not have the ‘wow’ factor of fashionistas like the LG Shine and MOTOKRAZR K1, but the 6300’s elegant, clean lines are still alluring. Apart from volume keys, the sides are bereft of any other buttons. The keypad is spacious with sturdy buttons and the five-way rocket switch and soft/call keys are easy to use. The user interface is based on the Symbian Series 40 platform and remains lucid and intuitive to negotiate, offering
  • Intel Server Board S875WP1-E Technical Product Specification
  • The S875WP1-E Technical Product Specification (TPS) provides a high-level technical description for the Intel® Server Board S875WP1-E. It details the architecture and feature set for all functional sub-systems that make up the server board. This TPS covers both versions of the Intel Server Board S875WP1-E, which includes product codes: S875WP1 and S875WP1LX. When appropriate, the specific product code is used to relay information that pertains only to a specific version of the Intel Server Board S875WP1-E. This document is divided into the following main categories: Chapter 2: Server Board Overview Chapter 3: Functional Architecture Chapter 4: Technical Reference Chapter 5: Connectors and Jumper Blocks Chapter 6: