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  • The LED indicator indicates the status of your phone by showing different colors; Static Amber:the phone is being Green:mobile network is detected. Blue:Bluetooth is activated. Orange:Wireless LAN is activated. 2.VGA CMOS camera Used for video calls 3.Touch screen Use the stylus to select items on the screen. 4.Navigation pad Press to navigate up/down and right/left through any of the drop-down menus or program instructions;con rm your selection by pressing the center key. 5.Right Soft key Press to access menus on the right. Before you start, 6.End key Press to end a call or exit from application 7.Messaging key
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  • The Light-to-Frequency Converter Evaluation Module facilitates evaluation of the TAOS family of light-to-frequency converter optical sensors through the use of a motherboard and a set of device-specific daughterboards. The EVM is designed to interface via a USB port to a host PC running the Windows-compatible host software application. Several of the daughterboards also feature light-emitting diode (LED) light sources which can be controlled from the host software to allow evaluation of the sensors in a variety of physical sensing arrangements On most PCs, installation will automatically start when the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive. If the installation does not begin: Click
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