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  • HERA User Manual Introduction The HEterodyne Receiver Array HERA is a receiver system with 18 SIS mixers tunable from 215 to 272 GHz. The main purpose of this first multi beam spectral line receiver on the 30m telescope is to allow, together with the related backends, for rapid raster and on the imaging of spectral lines in the 1.3mm atmospheric window. Other more particular observing modes (continuum measurements and mapping, polarization measurements and optimized wobbling on point sources) are possible but not yet o?ered as standard observing modes HERA has been embedded into the existing setup of the 30m telescope as much
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  • Pre-Sets Your FineArtPrints representative will set up your defaults and printing pre-sets when installing your Cinemage 200 system. However, if something should happen to your operating system or the pre-sets are changed somehow, this information sheet will guide you through the basics of restoring the proper system defaults for print production. Default Printer Settings 1. Click on the Start button and Select Control Panel from the Start-up menu 2. Click on Printers and Faxes and Double Click on the Epson 7600 icon 3. Click on Printer and Click on Properties 4. Select Printing Preferences 5. Under the Main Category Tab: a. Set the Mode to Quality NOT Speed b.
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  • Vespa GTS 250 Review Background First a bit about myself, so that you have some idea of the context of this review. I got my first scooter (Vespa 50) at the age of 17, which promptly got stolen and destroyed (and never went well in the first place). At 19 I was a bit more determined, bought a Vespa 150 Super and even got a motorcycle license. That scooter went well, was lots of fun, I was hooked and have been ever since. Now I ride a scooter every day, for work and pleasure, on the weekends and even for holidays.
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  • Cost is a measure that IT management typically scrutinizes closely when selecting technology solutions. The enterprise LAN and WAN infrastructure are no exception, and cost should be a primary consideration when selecting an equipment vendor. In an effort to help enterprise IT management understand the cost of leading LAN and WAN infrastructure products, Info-Tech has compared the cost of Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems LAN and WAN infrastructure. This research note compares the cost of several scenarios, including: » Small, medium, and large high-availability campus LAN configurations. » Small branch, mid-sized regional office, and large regional/head office WAN configurations. » Network performance, energy efficiency,
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  • Kawasaki ZX6RR 2003-2004 Shop Book. Kawasaki ZX6RR 2003-2004 Service Manual. Filename: 03-04_ZX6RR_Service_Manual.pdf (149.0MB) Viewed 15095 times. No more detail content for this PDF manual, just download this Kawasaki ZX6RR Shop Book