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  • Hummer H2 Service Manual. Torsion Bar Unloading Tool J36202. Universal Steering Linkage Puller J24319. Ball Joint Separator J43631 For more info about this Hummer H2 Service Manual, download the PDF file below: Download
  • Volkswagen has re-named the present Golf generation the City Golf. The City is an entry-level car that is more affordable than the Rabbit, the Golf’s replacement. It is available as a four-door hatchback model only, in one version to which options or option packages can be added. A 2L 4-cylinder gasoline engine is the only one offered, and it powers the front wheels via a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission Access to the front is easy. The seats are firmly comfortable even after a long day of driving for people of average height or less. Heavily built or tall
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  • Pontiac categorizes the Aztek as a Sport Recreational Vehicle, and says it may be the world’s most versatile vehicle. GM’s engineers based the Aztek on the short version of the Pontiac Montana, trimming 9.4 cm from the wheelbase, widening the wheel tread (the distance between the centre of the left tire and the centre of the right tire on each axle) slightly, and replacing the sliding side doors by traditional ones. The Aztek is available in SE and GT versions. Interior and trunk Though accessibility is not a problem, the lack of foot room between the seat cushion and the Bpillar makes
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  • 2005 TT Coupe Standard Equipment Legend 180 hp 225 hp 250 hp X = Standard O = Optional - = Not available fwd quattro quattro Technical - 1.8 liter turbocharged DOHC 180 hp 4-cylinder engine with direct ignition, intercooler, electronic turbo boost regulation, 5-valves per cylinder x - - - 1.8 liter turbocharged DOHC 225 hp 4-cylinder engine with direct ignition, two in-line intercoolers, electronic turbo boost regulation, 5-valves per cylinder x - - 3.2 liter 250 hp 6-cylinder engine x - 6-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic?, steering wheel controls and interlock between D & S x - - - 6-speed manual transmission with synchronized reverse gear,
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  • The East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Landrover pump is derived from the …. Sussex Fire & Rescue Service 4×4 manual is followed correctly EAST SUSSEX FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE ENGINEERING MANUAL USE OF EAST SUSSEX FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE LANDROVERS FOR ON ROAD RESPONSE INDEX: 1. Foreward 2. Bonnet Release 3. Under Bonnet Routine Checks 4. Dashboard Facia Controls 5. Facia Mounted Specialised Switches 6. Handbrake 7. Gearbox 8. Stowage of Jack 9. Winch 10. Rear Deck 11. Power Jackplug 12. Snorkel 13. Driving Through Floodwater 14. Technical Information1. FOREWARD The Landrover, by its very nature, is a market leader for off road use over every type of terrain in this country as well as