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  • 2003 Toyota 4Runner 4.0L Installations Instruction PDF
  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 2003 Toyota 4Runner 4.0L Tool List 10mm Socket Standard Screwdriver Parts List (1) Power Plate (1) Gasket (4) 6mm x 75mm Hex Bolts (7) 6mm Flat Washers (3) 6mm x 20mm Hex Bolts (1) 6mm Hex Nut (2) Manifold Cover Extension Plates (1) Extension Plate (Special) Thank you for purchasing the PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer. Please read the instruction manual carefully before proceeding with the installation. Contact AIRAID @ (800) 498-6951 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST Weekdays for questions regarding fit or instructions that are not clear to you. Your PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer was carefully inspected and packaged. Check that no parts are missing, or were damaged
  • SHOP AND SERVICE MANUALS. Qty. Make. Book or Manual Title. 4. Ducati. Service and Repair Handbook - 160, 250, 350,. 450cc through 1974 … Content detail for this Shop and Service Manuals PDF: 4 Ducati Service and Repair Handbook - 160, 250, 350, 450cc through 1974 5 BMW Service and Repair Handbook - 500-900cc Twins 1955-1975 1 BMW Service and Repair Handbook (M308) 500 and 600cc Twins 1955-1969 1 BMW Service and Repair Handbook (M309) 500-1000cc Twins 1970-1978 1 BMW Service and Repair Handbook (M304) 500-900cc Twins 1955-1975Bin 2 SHOP AND SERVICE MANUALS Qty. Make Book or Manual Title 1 Honda Express Owners Workshop Manual Models NC50 & N50, 49cc 1976 on 1 Honda Service
  • EPSON R1800 Continuous Ink Supply System Troubleshooting & Support
  • In order to setup your Continuous Ink Supply System on you Epson R1800 you will need to follow the instructions carefully. 1. The first step in order to setup your CISS is to follow the ‘Installation instructions for the Epson R1800 Easy Flow IV’ (see Appendix A). 2. If you have followed the installation instructions carefully and you find that you cannot print out a perfect nozzle check then please follow the ‘How to Get a Good Nozzle Check’ instructions carefully (see Appendix B). 3. If still you cannot get a nozzle check follow the ‘Bad Nozzle Check Flow Chart’ (see Appendix C). 4.
  • 2001 PONTIAC AZTEK VERSATRAK Introduced last year
  • 2001 PONTIAC AZTEK VERSATRAK Introduced last year, the Aztek has been hard put to attract buyers. Pontiac is hoping the addition of VersaTrak four-wheel drive will stir up some interest. The Aztek is based on the short version of the Pontiac Montana platform, with the wheelbase shortened by 9.4 cm, a slightly wider track, and ordinary rear doors instead of sliding ones. The Aztek is available in SE and GT versions. Inside Getting in is easy, but it’s hard to get out of the back seats because there isn’t much of a foothold between the seat cushion and the B pillar. The front
  • 2007 Audi S4 Cabriolet Technical Specifications Manual
  • 2007 Audi S4 Cabriolet Technical Specifications 2007 Audi S4 Cabriolet ENGINE: Type V8-arrangement 8-cylinder with Double Overhead Camshafts and two-stage variable intake manifold Arrangement Front mounted Bore 3.33 in. 84.5 mm Stroke 3.65 in. 92.8 mm Displacement 254 cu. in. 4163 cc Compression ratio 11.0:1 Fuel requirement Premium unleaded 91 AKI / 95 RON recommended for maximum performance Horsepower (SAE) 340 hp @ 7000 (man) rpm @ 6800 (Tip) rpm Max. Torque 302 lbs. ft. @ 3500 rpm ENGINE DESIGN: Cylinder block Crankshaft Cylinder head Aluminum alloy Valve train / intake Intake camshaft adjustment, DOHC belt driven, hydraulic lifters Firing order Cooling system Water-cooled, thermostatically controlled radiator fan Lubrication system Gear pump, pressurized, full flow with oil cooler Fuel