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  • Wanna sync iTunes music video movie to Google Nexus One or convert DVD to Google Android phone? This tutorial shows how to play iTunes music video DVD movie on Google Android Nexus One by removing DRM converting formats with a DRM removal tool. First, let's see what to know and to do before we can transfer and play iTunes music video DVD movie on Google Nexus One. Audio formats Nexus One supported - MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV Video formats Nexus One supported - H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 encoders. iTunes provides - music in non-DRM MP3, M4A, DRM'ed M4P; audiobook in DRM'ed M4B, AA/AAX; TV shows &
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  • The Brake Piston Tool Set is suitable for all common vehicle types. It may be used for the readjustment of brake pistons on floating calliper systems with locking device for hand brakes. Operating instructions for calliper systems with locking device for hand brakes • Loosen the brake calliper and swivel it to the side. • Remove the brake pads. • Please make sure that there is enough space in the fluid reservoir for the admission of the brake fluid flowing back into the fluid reservoir when readjusting the brake piston. • Choose a spindle (left-handed or right-handed) according to the indications of the manfacturer
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  • Removal the Transaxle for Ford Taurus: 1. Remove the battery. 2. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and the breather tubes. 3. Remove the engine air cleaner. 4. Remove the air filter assembly. 5. Remove the battery tray. 6. Disconnect the connectors. 7. Disconnect the connector. 8. Remove the power steering line bracket. 9. Remove the electrical connector bracket. 10. Disconnect the power steering and output shaft speed (OSS) sensor connectors. 11. Disconnect the turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor connector 12. Remove the manual control lever cable. - Remove the nut. - Remove the shift actuator cable fitting from the shift cable and bracket. 13. Remove the ground cable and bracket. 14. Remove the cooler
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  • Motorola just expanded its mobile phone offering with the release of seven new such devices. None of them is worthy of spotlight attention, though, as they are all low end ones, capable of responding only to the basic needs of the owners. The new devices are W156, W160, W175, W180, W206, W213, and W377, all pretty chary at evolved specifications. The W377 brings entertainment solutions with an integrated FM radio and MP3 ringtones. It also has an integrated VGA camera, Bluetooth wireless technology and some challenging preloaded games. Motorola W206 and W213 can brag on their CrystalTalk Technology, which makes them extremely
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  • The FEM-03 flow monitor provides a large, back-lighted LCD graphic display providing an easy-to-read indication of flow rate or totals. Up to 22 different display modes are available depending on the FEM–03 model. Two Form C relay outputs can be programmed for rate or total limits, or as a totalizing output. Remote programming or monitoring is available via the RS-232 serial communications port. Printer support options include timed rate and total data printout and program variable listing. The FEM-03A model provides a 4 - 20 mA. output to track data remotely. The FEM-03A2 model is equipped with 2 channels to monitor