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  • Nokia E62 provides you with the winning combination of a superior mobile email experience and Cingular’s uncompromised network quality. Set Up Your Nokia E62 Insert the SmartChip and Battery Your Nokia E62 uses a convenient SmartChip that holds information about your Cingular service and stores your contact information. A SmartChip allows you to switch between phones, and keep your phone number and phone book with you. That means you can transfer your Cingular service and store your contacts to any phone simply by inserting your SmartChip! Where can I find more information? You can ?nd more information about your device
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  • Sony Ericsson W910 Spotted in White Version - White for a music phone. How original… A white version of the Sony Ericsson W910 handset has appeared, looking even better than the older red one, which is pretty hard to top. The phone features the same specifications, but only looks to make its personality easier to notice with an elegant and modern white case. The orange color has already become a trademark for music phones, as Sony Ericsson has used it in many of its handsets from the Walkman line. White stood up to this point for Apple’s iPods, also highly evolved
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  • You’ll now need to know what the timing. spec is for your particular engine. This can. be obtained from a service manual or a. Vespa shop This manual content: Q: My scooter is slow. What can I do to speed it up? A: First of all, is it running correctly? A 1950s scooter will usually top out around 40mph. Vespa 50s go around 30mph. 90s go about 40. Most 1960s-80s 125s will do about 45. 150s should go 50-55, depending on age. 160-180s are around 55-60, and 200s generally go 60-65. If your scooter is slower than this or has poor pickup, you
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  • Porsche introduced the first 911 Turbo in model-year 1975 (1976 in North America), just as rising gasoline prices and emission controls were starting to decimate the ranks of performance cars. This landmark car immediately redefined the term “supercar” with performance that could shame exotics having twice the cylinder count – 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in just 5.5 seconds. At the same time, the 911 Turbo offered better everyday driveability and comfort than other exotics, plus proven Porsche quality. By today’s standards, a 6.5-to-1 compression ratio, thermal reactor emission controls, a four-speed transmission and 15-inch wheels hardly seem the ingredients of a