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  • Windows CE .NET is the families of the Microsoft Embedded system and is designed from the ground up for the embedded marketplace, Windows CE .NET delivers a robust real-time operating system for rapidly building the next generation of smart mobile and small footprint devices. With a complete operating system feature set and end-to-end development environment, Windows CE .NET contains everything you need to create a custom Windows CE–based device that requires rich networking, hard real-time, and a small footprint, as well as rich multimedia and Web browsing capabilities. IEI Windows CE.NET based Embedded System With the Windows CE.NET ready OS Image and
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  • The VSBC-8 is a feature-packed single board computer designed for OEM control projects requiring fast processing, industrial I/O, flexible memory options, and designed-in reliability and longevity (product lifespan). This Socket 370 compliant single board computer will accept Intel Flip-Chip Pentium and Intel Flip-Chip Celeron chips. Processing speeds up to 850 MHz are available. The board is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, QNX, VxWorks, and Linux. A full complement of standard I/O ports is included on the board. Additional I/O expansion is available through the high speed PCI-based PC/104-Plus expansion site (which supports both PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion modules). System memory
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  • This document describes the yaxx tool. It includes discussion of usage, configuration parameters, and analysis results. For a quick start guide including a tutorial example see the quick start guide. For installation instructions see the installation guide. Throughout this document the variable $YAXX is assumed to be the directory in which yaxx was installed. Yaxx is a Perl script that facilitates batch spectral processing of X-ray data using Perl open source tools and commonly available astronomical software (CIAO, SAS, HEAsoft). It includes automated spectral extraction, fitting, and report generation. The primary emphasis is on having a simple tool that can be