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  • MOD170/MOD190 integrated modem provides a quick and easy way to plug in GSM and GPRS functionality to systems and terminals. Available in tri-band configurations, this full type approved integrated modem constitutes a self contained, fully integrated implementation of the GSM/GPRS standard. Thanks to standard interfaces, it can be integrated into any system which offers unlimited assets. It is ready for voice, SMS, data and fax. MOD170/MOD190 supports GPRS Class B, multi-slot class 8. It is a product with a sole connector, which puts together all the interface signals in order to facilitate its integration. It has an integrated SIM Card
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  • Audi A6/A6 Avant Quick reference guide Locking and unlocking the vehicle Anti-theft alarm The alarm system is automatically set when you lock the car, and switched off when you unlock the car with the remote control. If you unlock the vehicle by inserting the key in the driver’s door, the ignition must be switched on within 15 seconds, otherwise the alarm will be triggered. If you unlock the boot lid (only on saloon with lock cylinder) by turning the key in the slot, the alarm will be triggered immediately. Remote control keys Press the required button. e Unlocking button: Open one of the doors
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  • Pre-Sets Your FineArtPrints representative will set up your defaults and printing pre-sets when installing your Cinemage 200 system. However, if something should happen to your operating system or the pre-sets are changed somehow, this information sheet will guide you through the basics of restoring the proper system defaults for print production. Default Printer Settings 1. Click on the Start button and Select Control Panel from the Start-up menu 2. Click on Printers and Faxes and Double Click on the Epson 7600 icon 3. Click on Printer and Click on Properties 4. Select Printing Preferences 5. Under the Main Category Tab: a. Set the Mode to Quality NOT Speed b.
  • Chevrolet Corvette. Chevrolet Express. Chevrolet Lumina. Chevrolet Malibu …. Chevrolet Corvette. Chevrolet Classic. Chevrolet Equinox. Chevrolet Express This is a list of vehicles equipped with crash data recorders. The data maintained by specific recorders varies. The list is by make, year then alphabetically by model. This listing is current as of September 29, 2007 using the Bosch CDRTool and software version 2.91. Vehicle makes and models not listed do not have an EDR that can be downloaded using this equipment. Some manufacturers may have a data recorder on board that can only be accessed using software and hardware that is not available
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  • The explosive growth in wireless networks over the last few years resembles the rapid growth of the Internet within the last decade. During the beginning of the commercialization of the Internet, organizations and individuals connected without concern for the security of their system or network. Over time, it became apparent that some form of security was required to prevent outsiders from exploiting the connected resources. To protect the internal resources, organizations usually purchased and installed an Internet firewall. We believe that the current wireless access points present a larger security problem than the early Internet connections. A large number of organizations,