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  • Installation of this kit should be a fun project, but can turn ugly if working in an unsafe environment. With permission, the following section has been copied from the “Safety Precautions” section of the MegaManual and should be followed. In the shop, you need to: • Ensure children and animals are kept well away from the working area for the entire duration of the work, including periods where the vehicle is unattended. • Allow the presence only of persons who are trained, professional mechanics, or those who have read, understood, and agreed to follow all of the safety precautions applicable to your vehicle,
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  • The Light-to-Frequency Converter Evaluation Module facilitates evaluation of the TAOS family of light-to-frequency converter optical sensors through the use of a motherboard and a set of device-specific daughterboards. The EVM is designed to interface via a USB port to a host PC running the Windows-compatible host software application. Several of the daughterboards also feature light-emitting diode (LED) light sources which can be controlled from the host software to allow evaluation of the sensors in a variety of physical sensing arrangements On most PCs, installation will automatically start when the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive. If the installation does not begin: Click
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  • Quick Setup: 1. Plug in the AW900i. 2. Connect an Ethernet cable from each AW900i to a client device. Each AW900i radio automatically selects the best radio channel, encrypts the Ethernet traffic and transports the data wirelessly to its matched pair Any Ethernet device can be connected to the AW900i. The AW900i functions in place of an Ethernet cable and provides a transparent wireless point to point Ethernet cable replacement. Cross-over cables are not necessary as the AW900i automatically senses the device (client or switch). The AW900i has three user selectable modes; Site Survey, Manual Frequency Select and MAC filter. These modes are enabled by
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  • Each motherboard has different standoff layout. It is highly suggested that you refer to your motherboard's manual when installing motherboard into the Case. The cases are applicable with Standard ATX, Micro ATX motherboards. Your motherboard may require a special I/O Panel, which should be included with your motherboard. Placement Direction: When installing the motherboard, make sure you follow the direction provided by your motherboard manufacturer. On most standard motherboards, the edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis. It is highly recommended that you install CPU, heat sink and modular components before fixing the motherboard inside the chassis. Note Due
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  • If you are the Nokia 6560 user, and need the manual for your phone, get this Nokia 6560 user guide now. The antenna The battery Important battery information Xpress-on™ covers Remove the back cover Remove the front cover The keypad Replace the front cover Replace the back cover Switch on your phone The start screen Phone setup Volume Headset Display contrast Equalizer Learn the keys Nokia 6560 User Guide Copyright © 2003 Nokia Make and answer calls The speaker phone Phone symbols The selection keys In-phone help Phone menus Text entry Entering letters and numbers ABC and 123 methods Predictive