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  • ACURA Manual 810 MICROPIPETTE FOR 1:10 DILUTIONS MIKROPIPETTE FüR 1:10 VERDüNNUNGEN MICROPIPETTE POUR DILUTIONS 1:10 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BETRIEBSANWEISUNG MODE D’EMPLOI SAFETY PRECAUTIONS - Read operating instructions carefully; keep available for future reference. - Observe manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for operation and maintenance. - Refer to and follow regulations about handling of potentially hazardous reagents. - Before use, check instrument for good working conditions. - Do not use harsh chemicals (such as acetone) to clean instrument. - This product should be used only for its intended purpose. - Mind possible hand-fatigue during serial pipetting and its medical consequences (such as repetitive strain injuries RSI). Download ACURA Manual 810 PDF
  • 1999-2003 Toyota Tundra 5 Suspension System Installation Manual
  • 1999-2003 TOYOTA TUNDRA 5″ SUSPENSION SYSTEM PARTS LIST: Part # Description Qty. T5I-01 Rear Brake Cable Extension 1 T5I-02 Upper Ball Joint Spacer Driver and Passenger Side 2 T5I-03 Upper Strut Spacer Driver and Passenger Side 2 T5I-04 Driver Side Differential Drop 1 T5I-05 Passenger Side Differential Drop 1 T5I-06 Driver Side Sway Bar Drop 1 T5I-07 Passenger Side Sway Bar Drop 1 T5I-08 5″ Lower Sub Frame 1 T5I-10 Steering Shaft Extension 1 T5I-11 Lower Skid Plate 1 T5I-12 Upper Ball Joint Spindle Plate 2 T5I-14 Rack an Pinion Support Bracket 1 T5I-15 Driver Side Spindle Support Bracket 1 T5I-16 Pass. Side Spindle Support Bracket 1 5U-5161316R 5/16″ x 1 3/16″ x 2″ Round U-bolt 4 516FLN 5/16″ Flange Lock
  • FuZion CPU Water Block Install Guide v1.2
  • The FuZion is a hybrid water-block that combines a number of advanced concepts and technologies to bring you the next leap in PC CPU liquid cooling technology. The FuZion block utilizes advanced micro pins with airfoils, high surface area, and optimized flow chambers to provide unmatched cooling without flow restrictions common with other high performance water blocks. Installation on a CPU is done by using the 2 or 4 motherboard mounting holes that surround the CPU socket depending on the CPU version. We will show the 4-hole version here. First install the 4 threaded metal mounting posts. Start with an empty post. Place
  • MOD170/MOD190 integrated modem provides a quick and easy way to plug in GSM and GPRS functionality to systems and terminals. Available in tri-band configurations, this full type approved integrated modem constitutes a self contained, fully integrated implementation of the GSM/GPRS standard. Thanks to standard interfaces, it can be integrated into any system which offers unlimited assets. It is ready for voice, SMS, data and fax. MOD170/MOD190 supports GPRS Class B, multi-slot class 8. It is a product with a sole connector, which puts together all the interface signals in order to facilitate its integration. It has an integrated SIM Card
  • INSTRUCTION MANUAL. for. DODGE® SOLIDLUBE® BEARINGS. CAUTION. Do not lubricate bearings or shaft. … not be possible, but to obtain optimal service, it is … Detail content for this Instruction Manual for Dodge Solidlube Bearings: Do not lubricate bearings or shaft. Oil or grease is detrimental to the life of Solidlube bearings. Installation and Operation Solid Film Lubrication: Solid film lubricating bearing material will transfer a film or coating of lubricant to the shaft as the shaft rotates. This film or coating prevents metal to metal contact between the shaft and bearing material, as the shaft actually rides upon the lubricant and not upon