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  • PPE Engineering 2ZZ-GE Race Header for Toyota Celica/Matrix/Corolla Installation Guide
  • Header Installation: Support body of vehicle. *Access to a vehicle lift make installation easier. Remove stock midpipe. a. Remove O2 sensors, bolts and hangers Remove rear motor mount and motor mount bracket. Support engine with jack. Remove bolts holding in subframe. Using a jack slowly lower the subframe 3-4 inches. Remove exhaust manifold to block bracket. Remove exhaust manifold. a. If engine has Air Injection, you must remove the drivebelt / tensioner spring and 12mm bolt attaching the air tube to the head. Install PPE Header Reinstall header to block bracket. The power steering hardline on the rack can be slightly bent for clearance.
  • BMW D7 Owners Manual PDF
  • Owners Manual D7 BMW Marine Engines. This copy of the BMW D7 Owners Manual has been re-created using images computer scanned from a manual rather than original artwork. It has also been re-formatted in “portrait” style to display and/or print better on computer systems. This manual was written on your behalf in an effort to help you enjoy your new BMW Marine Engine to the maximum. No marine engine, be it the best in the world, will perform at it’s best during a long life, without proper care and maintenance. Please read this manual carefully before you set out on the
  • Nokia 5800 NAM Has 3G Signal Issues
  • It seems that the speaker problem is not the only issue the Nokia 5800 mobile phones have. According to the latest news on the Web, the North American version of the device also has some bugs that affect its 3G capabilities. As many of you might already know, the device has been put on sale only a few days ago, but reports say that the sales of the Nokia 5800 NAM have already been halted due to the fact that it has issues with receiving the 3G signal. There have been several complaints about the problem that affects the device, and
  • 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S L4-1762cc 1.8L DOHC MFI Removal and Installation
  • COMPONENTS REMOVAL CAUTION: Do not smoke or work near an open flame when working on the fuel pump. 1. REMOVE REAR SEAT CUSHION 2. REMOVE FLOOR SERVICE HOLE COVER 3. DISCONNECT FUEL PUMP & SENDER GAUGE CONNECTOR AND VAPOR PRESSURE SENSOR CONNECTOR 4. DISCONNECT FUEL TUBE AND EMISSION TUBE a. Wash away the mud, dust and the likes on the fuel suction plate with water. b. Pull off the tube joint clip from the No.1 fuel suction plate. c. Disconnect the fuel tube from the fuel pump assembly. d. Disconnect the emission tube from the fuel pump assembly. e. Attach the tape in order to protect the port portion from
  • MECCA-2.0 User Manual
  • MECCA (Module Efficiently Calculating the Chemistry of the Atmosphere) calculates tropospheric as well as stratospheric chemistry. A previous version of MECCA, which was using an earlier version of KPP, has been described by Sander et al. (2005). Here we describe how to install, execute and modify version 2.0 of MECCA. The code is written in Fortran90, and it is compatible with the MESSy structure (Jockel et al., 2005, see also It can therefore easily be coupled to a variety of base models, e.g. a simple box model or a global general circulation model. MECCA uses the software KPP-2.1 (Sandu