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  • Learn the features inside at Nokia 6282 with this user guide. Download content and applications Nokia support on the Web Receive and reply to messages Return to chat session Contacts Chat session options Set your availability Log off service Text messages (SMS) SmartChip messages Multimedia messages Memory full Folders Voice mail Info messages Service commands Delete messages Message settings Get started Install the SmartChip and battery…. Install a memory card Charge the battery Switch the phone on and off Open the keypad Normal operating position Messaging Your phone Keys and parts Standby mode Keypad lock (keyguard) Recent calls 9. MEdia
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  • Elegant and stylish, but overpriced. Established in October 2001 the joint venture between Sony Corporation and Ericsson resulted in one of the world’s leading mobile phones manufacturers - Sony Ericsson. As of lately, all new Sony Ericsson handsets belong to the 2 well-known series, Walkman and Cybershot, both having different target customers. Businesswise, Sony Ericsson’s phones don’t compete each other. While quality and design is almost the same, features are different and up until today I can’t say that you’ll be able to buy a high-end Sony Ericsson that would include at least 3G, 5 Megapixel camera and excellent music features.
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  • GGobi is an open source visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data. It provides highly dynamic and interactive graphics such as tours, as well as familiar graphics such as the scatterplot, barchart and parallel coordinates plots. Plots are interactive and linked with brushing and identification. It includes 2-D displays of projections of points and edges in high-dimensional spaces, scatterplot matrices, parallel coordinate, time series plots and bar charts. Projection tools include average shifted histograms of single variables, plots of pairs of variables, and grand tours of multiple variables. Points can be labelled and brushed with glyphs and colors. Several displays can be
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  • This adapter provides the SOLUTION for directly bolting up a 02-06 RSX-S/ITR or 02-05 Civic Si/CTR Throttle Body to an Accord Euro R, 06-08 Civic Si, or 04-05 TSX Intake Manifold. Ease of fitment has been confirmed for the following vehicle/engine/mount combinations: -1992-1995 Honda Civics equipped with a K20 engine and Hasport EGK1 engine mounts -1996-2000 Honda Civics equipped with a K20/24 engine and Hasport EKK2 engine mounts -1994-2001 Acura Integras equipped with a K20 engine and Hasport EGK1 engine mounts -2002-2006 Acura RSX-S/Honda ITRs with a K20 engine and all available engine mounts Note: If attempting to install a throttle body and intake manifold into
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  • The Sunrise Telecom Broadband AT2500 series analyzer (models R, Rv, RQ and RQv) is a 1.5 GHz portable, battery operated RF spectrum analyzer designed specifically for CATV applications. Functions include basic spectrum analysis, automated CATV tools for daily testing and preventative maintenance, QAM analysis, video demodulation test and analysis for locating faults or troubleshooting, Ethernet connectivity for real-time remote control capability, and FCC proof of performance testing. The AT2500 series analyzer has a broad input range, high sensitivity and advanced circuit design characteristics that provide accurate and repeatable measurements in the headend, hub or in the field. Its front end incorporates