1/10 2WD On-Road Nitro Racer Instruction Manual

Thank you for the purchase of this Thunder Tiger product. You should enjoy many hours of trouble free use from this advanced R/C product. Thunder Tiger strives to bring you the highest level of quality and service we can provide. We race and test our products around the world to bring you state-of-the-art items.
a. b. Install the servos with tap screws. Notice the orientation of the steering and throttle servo output shafts.
c. Install the receiver switch into the front of the battery mount with its original screws.
d. Properly plug the connectors/wires into the receiver: steering servo connector/wire into channel 1
slot, throttle servo connector/wire into channel 2 slot, and battery switch connector/wire into battery slot.(Hint: You can use small zip tie to arrange the rest of wires.)
e. Place the receiver antenna through the antenna mount and antenna tube as shown.
f. Press-fit the antenna tube into the mount, then secure the mount to the chassis using a 3×10 mm countersunk screw.
g. Install 4 AA size alkaline batteries in receiver battery box.
h. Connect the receiver battery box wire/connector to the receiver switch wire/connector the receiver connector. (Hint: You can use small zip tie to arrange the rest of wires.)
i. Install the receiver and battery pack into the battery mount and use a large zip tie to secure. ( Note: It is strongly suggested to cover receiver and battery pack with a balloon or plastic bag to protect against dirt and fuel )
a. Install the threaded of part of the linkage rod into the plastic tie-end. The linkage rod with tie-end should measure 70 mm when finished.
b. Install the steering linkage rod with tie-end onto steering servo horn.
c. Attach the tie-end onto the ball joint on the knuckle arms, making sure that the servo is centered and the axles have just a slight amount of toe-in.



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